Magazine Pieces

Gain credibility (and biz) by getting your story told by a professional journalist. I’ve published more than 600 magazine articles, including features in many national and B2B mags. Crafting these stories is a passion of mine.


Case Studies

That project you just handled was pretty great, I’m not gonna lie. (Also, I’m not gonna use “gonna” in the case study.) Let’s get your story out there. We’ll craft a Challenge > Solution > Results piece that makes your audience think, “This company can help me, too.”


Website/Marketing Copy

Show of hands—anyone like their website copy? (Crickets … crickets.) Not many people do. But it’s what people check out before they call you. The better question, then: Who ISN’T calling you because they don’t like (or understand) what they see? We can change that together.


Client Reviews

These are so effective—simply a great way to impress (or save) clients and remind them of your value. Knock their socks off at your next client meeting with a review that aligns their goals with your accomplishments.



So much happens at a trade show or business event, yet so little content comes out of it. Translate experience into stories. Amplify the energy of your crowd. Extend the impact of your event to reinforce its value year-round. Invite me (and maybe hold your event in Key West)?


Editing Services

Please let me get all nerdy for you. Please let me find and fix the errors your audience will notice. Please let me move that one paragraph up so people see it sooner. Please let me help your boss sound like a human being. Please, please, please.